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The woman's chemise - long undershirt for woman

Date: Middle Ages

Region: Europa

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€ 79.00

  • machine stitching
  • machine stitching with manual finishes
  • sewn manually

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The woman's chemise - long shirt for woman, worn beneath the dress. It is made of undyed or whitened linen.
Great for early medieval and late medieval reenactment.

Made from 100% natural linen, soft and breathable, perfect as lingerie under a woolen dress for cooler weather.
The underdress has two wedges on the boyh sides and tapering long sleeves sewn to the body at right angles.

The historical pattern - an important element when playing historical realities!

Universal, based on the discoveries of male tunics from Birka, A. Moszyński in "Material Culture of the Slavs" described a similar pattern.

Dress sewn to order. after purchase please dimensions of the person.

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