My name is Katarzyna and my historical name is Rzepka, for a few years I am participating actively in the move of historical reconstruction. Tailor's craft fascinates me above all – since 2009 I am sharing my skills with others. I am an educated archeologist, so the use of historical sources is for me the basis for reconstructing the outfits.

My studio is supported with specialist knowledge and abilities of Justyna who is an educated clothing technician with the several years of experience in the bespoke tailoring.

The studio is constantly cooperating with craftsmen that create accessories for the clothes.

Slav Medieval Shop came into existence thanks to my fascination for the archaeology and history of Europe in combination with my skills in tailoring. This combination guarantees a professional approach to historical reconstruction.

The offer is directed mostly to the historical enactors and people interested in history.

The Shop’s assortment consists of outfits reconstructed on basis of archeological, iconographical and ethnographical sources. My intent is to make my clothes with the preservation of historical realities as much as possible - patterns and appearance are compatible with the generally accepted canons.

Outfits can be chosen on the basis of the finished products shown on the site, after You individually selected the color and the mode of detail work.

We also fulfill the individual projects - with us you can create Your very own composition of the outfit. In this case, all the costume details are discussed with the client. You can choose the proper detail work and stitching, and all other details which will make Your outfit very unique.

Another section is „Fantasy and historical inspirations” .Besides the history, I’m interested in different kinds of fantasy, which is why I decided to also create the costumes that go beyond the historical sources. Here you will find clothes that are based on my imagination, inspired by fantasy films and variations of historical outfits. If you are interested in making your individual project in the style of fantasy – send me your project and together we will certainly create very unique costume