1. The online store Slav Medieval Shop belongs to the

Midcraft Katarzyna Halicka

Łosia Wólka, Kampinoska 41

05-152 Czosnów, Poland

TIN: 5311602991,

REGON  147122396

2. Slav Medieval Shop, hereinafter called the Shop, allows you to purchase goods via an electronic network (Internet) - at SlavMedievalShop.com, the phone: 793-099 906 and e-mail order at: Rzepkowepole@gmail.com, and other sale places named SlavMedievalShop

3. Placing an order by the Customers shall be tantamount to a declaration that they have read the Conditions of Use and they commit to observe it.

4. The Seller reserves the right to change the Conditions of Use at any time. Amendments to the rules and regulations shall come into force from the moment of their publication.

5. The Shop is in the Polish Republic and the principles of its operation and dispute resolutions are governed by Polish law.



1. Information about the products in the Shop, including descriptions and prices, are an invitation to submit a proposal of concluding a contract of sale, within the meaning of Article 71 Civil Code, in accordance with the Conditions of Use.


a)  The goods in online store are marked in details. The website provides information about the properties of the product, its price, the material of which it is made, etc.

b)  Photos and presentations of the products are exemplary and show the indicated models. All outfits presented on the website are available as an request option.

c)  In addition to the purchase of the selected models, the Shop allows the Customers to submit individual orders via the contact form. The Shop determines individual parameters of the object with the Buyers – fabrics, detail work and decorating methods – and valuates the order individually.

d)  The Shop has got the right to use pictures and design of the customized objects to create the constant selling offer.


2. Prices of the objects are expressed in PLN for Polish version of the page and in Euro or USD for the English version.


3. Buying Process

a)  The Customers select the specific characteristics of the purchased item by selecting the appropriate options available in the offer. Next, they choose features of the item by adding them to the cart.

b)  The Customers may purchase individual detail work for their outfit in the "extras" section. In this case, please contact the Shop via contact form for further details.

c)  Orders can also be submitted via telephone and e-mail: Rzepkowepole@gmail.com

d)  After checking the content for correctness of the purchase and specifications of the order, the Customers go to the cash register, where they select the methods of delivery and payment, and they fill in the form with the body dimensions that are required for fulfilling the order. The Customers pay shipping costs and service charge.

e)  The order is accepted for the fulfillment after the Customer had transferred money on the listed account and sent required body dimensions via form or e-mail.

f)   The Customer receives a confirmation by e-mail containing information about the ordered goods and their prices, and all the additional costs being covered by the customer (transport, service charge), as well as the date of fulfillment.

4. Fulfillment Term:

a)  The fulfillment term amounts to 21 working days for one or two items, at orders of 3-7 items the fulfillment term is  30 working days, for more than 7 items the date is being set individually.

b)  In some cases, the delivery time may be extended, for which shop is not responsible but the Customer will be informed.

c)  The Shop isn't bearing responsibility for delays resulting from not sending on time by the Customer the body dimensions needed for the fulfillment of the order.

d)  The orders will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. The Customer will be notified via email about the shipment. The registered user of the Shop will be able to check the status of the order’s fulfillment, after logging onto his/her account.

e)  Delivery time depends on the chosen mode of transport and the country of destination. The shop is not responsible for delays caused by the carrier.


5. Verification of the order:


a)  Sending an order for the fulfillment will be confirmed via e-mail.

b)  When the Customers gives not real or incorrect personal data, order will not be fulfilled. The Shop reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the order via phone or e-mail. The Shop is not responsible for providing, by the Customer, incorrect data for shipment and its resulting consequences (loss of the package, the additional costs of returning of the package and expenses resulting from the re-shipment of goods).

c)  In case of the resignation from the order or the change of the subject of the order the Customer should as soon as possible (2 days from accepting an order for the fulfillment) to get in touch with the Shop via e-mail or phone. After that date, the Shop has the right not to take into account changes of the purchase, proposed by the Customer.

d)  The Shop reserves the right not to fulfill orders in case of non-availability of some materials or too many orders. In case of absence of some materials the Shop offers the Customer other materials currently available.

e)  After ordering, the waiting time for payment is 10 days - after that term, the order is being canceled.


6. Making payments:


a)  There are the following methods of payment for the ordered goods:

- Prepayment to the Shop’s account: 

IBAN: PL53114020040000301204306692
Midcraft Katarzyna Halicka

Łosia Wólka

Ul. Kampinoska 41

05-152 Czosnów



Title: numer of order 

- Prepayment via PayPal




- Cash prepayment - possible in case of personal visiting the registered office of the Shop in Warsaw.



 1. The Shop enables placing orders for both registered and unregistered Customers.

 2. The Customers with registered accounts have got full access to the status of order, they may receive information about new available offers in the Shop and take advantage of discounts that Shop offers regular customers.

 3. The Shop may offer discounts and free shipping depending on the size of the order.



 1.The returns:

 a)  The Buyer has the right to return goods within 14 days from the date of delivery if the goods were purchased outside the registered office of the Shop. Within 14 days of purchase, you must send a written declaration to the address of the store or by mail at rzepkowepole@gmail.com. Then, as soon as possible (not later than 14 days since purchase) You schould return item back to store adress.

Here you can download the form of withdrawal

 b)  The right to return does not apply to products with the characteristics specified by the Customers in their order or closely associated with them. Therefore, it is not possible to return outfits made-to-measure, individual orders and selvedges.

 According to the article 2, act 1 from the Act of March 2, 2000 "About the protection of the consumer's rights and about the responsibility for any damage caused by dangerous products"

 c)  In case of returning of the goods Customer should send it on his/her own cost, along with the fulfilled and signed form of the withdrawal from the agreement and an account number or an address (PayPal) to which the money should be transferred.

 d)  The document necessary to get the refund is the invoice or bill issued for the returned items.

 e)  The Shop does not refund the costs of shipping and service costs of PayPal account

 f)   The Shop accepts unused goods, in the original packaging. The goods should be appropriately packed by the Customer for the shipping.

 g)  The returned goods bearing the signs of use or damaged will not be accepted.



 2. Complaint:

 a)  The subject of complaint are goods which are damaged or faulty because of the Shop.

 b)  If the Customers wish to return damaged or faulty goods, after contacting via e-mail (rzepkowepole@gmail.com) or telephone (793 099 906) - in order to warn about the situation and to determine how to ship the faulty product – they send the subject of complaint on their own expanse, addressed to:

 Katarzyna Halicka

 Ul. Bora-Komorowskiego 6 m. 89

 03-982 Warsaw

 An accurate description of the complaint must be added to the returned item.

 In case of accepting the complaint, the object is being repaired or exchanged with the new one and sent back at the expense of the Shop. The Shop refunds the costs which Customer paid for the returning of the faulty product. The time to consider the complaint is 14 days after the Shop gets the returned goods, the time to repair or make a new item is 14 days from the date of accepting the complaint.

 If unable to repair or replace the item, the Shop will offer the Customer another item of equal value or will refund the price of the item.

 c)  Bad fitting of the outfit resulting from poor measurements made and sent by the Customer isn't a ground for complaint. The shop can correct fitting of the outfit for the extra charge.

 d)  The Shop does not accept customer complaints resulting from: using the object in discord with its purpose, inappropriate conservation and the natural material consumption.



 1. In accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 "About the protection of personal data", Slav Medieval Shop is committed to protect the personal data of the Customers. The Customers have the right to inspect their data, the right to correct and remove it.

 2. Slav Medieval Shop will process the personal data of the Customers for the purpose of fulfilling orders only.

 3. The Shop will not use personal data of the Customers for marketing purposes without their permission.

 4. The Shop will not share personal data of the Customers with any third party.